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Search and Find

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Now I am on a hunt. If I stay the course, I know that I will be able to find this bike for my client.

One of my customers came in with this morning. He had this old photo of this gorgeous Elgin bicycle, a nineteen twenty eight to be exact. He said that his kid brother had the very same bike. When they were young. Now that it is twenty years after his death. He had died from a stray bullet while on the job.

Apparently, his brother was a highly decorated officer on the police force.   Now as a tribute to all of his hard work and dedication, the city where they grew up wants to honor him, with a decorated and refurbished bike that he loved. Their city is a really bike town, hardly anyone has a car. Just pedal and footpace is what will get you around.

My client has asked me to search high and low for the exact same bike. I have a few leads on a few bikes that may be it. However, I know it will take me awhile. However, I am determine. I have a three-month window to find and buy this rare, vintage, and intact bicycle.

Its going to take a few hopefully wishes, deep prayers, and awash of good luck. This is going to be fun; I have always been a fan of a scavenger hunt. This is the ultimate. If I find this, I will become well off. Let us not forget the great payoff I get if I find it just as he wants.

I am feeling lucky

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After I finally found the long lost bike that, I have been coveting since I was a young lad, drooling over it as my neighbor, Dirty Phillip Sanchez.

In my head, I always called him dirty Phillip because he was always dirty and stinky. I do not know what was up with this kid but even as a young boy, he was one stinky kid. Dude just had a natural funk, I guess.

However now I am a grown man that can buy and sell any type of bike I want, well almost any type of bike. There are a few out there that are a little out of my price range, at least that I feel comfortable in buying.

In reality, I love old bikes anyway. I do not know what it is about those big old clunky things. Full metal, fenders, double wide, spring-loaded seats. Good for whatever ails you, back problems, knee problems, or whatever. They are the bee’s knees.

I cannot believe I just said that!

Now I have my eye on a nineteen sixty-seven Schwinn Stingray Rams Horn Fast back. This thing is a beauty.   Beautiful shiny chrome, terrific and impeccable original paint, complete with a throwback banana seat!

My sister had this very same bike as a kid. Unlike the one I am looking at on this online auction, she was in horrible condition. Covered in strawberry shortcake and my little pony stickers.

I hope that I will be able to win this auction and only have to come out six hundred dollars.

Fingers cross.

Reliving Childhood

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I just found my favorite bike of all time.

As a kid, my neighbor just had this exact same bike. I wanted one so bad. That I begged and begged my parent for one. However, they refused. Stating that my grades and attitude has been horrible this school year. That they did not feel like I deserved it.

Therefore, I tried starting up a business. Selling one of a kind and customer paper airplanes door to door in my neighborhood. I made a whopping five dollars and seventy-five chests. Not nearly, enough to purchase a hundred and thirty five dollar bike that I wanted. However, I just had to have it so I tried everything I could think.

Realizing the selling paper airplanes would not do, I had a Kool aid stand, and then I bet the kids of the neighborhood that I could spit farther than them, not to mention collecting and returning pop cans that I found on the side of the road or in trashcans.

Even as a little kid, I knew that that I would be old as dirt before I could afford such a bicycle on my own. Which brought me back to begging.

In addition, boy did I beg. Morning, afternoon, and night.   I wrote letters, sang songs, danced, then when all else failed I got down on my hands and knees. Promising all sort of outrageous things.

Still my parents refused to buy it for me.

Old School turned New School

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Now I have a wonderful bike shop that buys, sells, and alteration to bikes. We specialize in custom bikes and paint. You should see some of the work that I do. Not wanting to toot my own horn but “toot, toot!”

Just last week I worked on a classic. A nineteen sixty-seven Schwinn 3 speed, Time Traveler. I was able to recreate and upholstery the seat. With a little research and digging around, I was able to glean all of the original parts. That beautiful were rebuilt from the sockets to gears. Everything has been cleaned, greased, and oiled.

Now it rides better than it has ever had before. The customer was ecstatic. Not to mention that I was able to do a customized paint job. Taking in the personality of the customers and her favorite colors. That old rust bucket has been transformed into a chrome, mauve, and gold blur.

So frigging beautiful!

Whenever I get an old bike, it is as I turned back into a little boy. They make me so excited and overjoyed. The curves, swoops of the lines, creativity that was put into the creations of those old bikes.

My theory is that they were used for many people as their main means of transportation so the made it to look great and work even better. Able to withstand wooden and brick roads, raggedy sidewalks, and long miles,

I cannot wait until I the next one comes through the door.

Welcome and discover

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thV41DPESOWelcome to my first ever blog post in my life. For years, I have been creating and riding bikes.   Customizing each one.

As a child, I remember washing my bike while my dad washed the car.   I had my own personal buckets, cleaning solutions, sponges, and towels. The works, I was so serious about it too.

There are so many pictures of me with bikes. In fact, almost all of them minus my school pictures are of my beautiful bikes and me. They are my life.

My love was completed and cinched six years ago when I was strolling through Thailand. After graduating college my parents promised to pay for a trip anywhere in the world. I chose Thailand. It was there, the land of the bike as an automobile.

It was the first time that I had seen a whole country of people travelling via bicycles. They have more bikes and other two-wheel transportation per capita then anywhere in the world.

It was amazing being a part of that. What is even better is that they are so cheap. I bought three bikes and had them shipped back home. Each one more rare and unique then the next. Not anything like I have ever seen here in the States.

Each bike cost less than ten dollars apiece. It cost more to have them dismantled and sent back here. Even so way cheaper than the American counterpart.