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How is Your Hotel?

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In planning your amazing trip to Thailand, you have probably come across a lot of different options. For example, you have the choice of what airline you are going to take. You can make plans for whether or not you are going to make some kind of trip to a resort. You can decide whether or not you are going to rent bikes. Maybe you will take some sort of bus or tram tour. Maybe you won’t.

There are definitely a lot of things to choose from when you are planning. However, maybe one of the most important decisions you can make is where you are staying. For example, you could choose to see if Airbnb is available in the part of town you might be visiting. Your other options could include a hostel, which is a cheap place to stay that has many beds in one room. Finally, the option you will probably go with is some sort of hotel.

If you do choose to go the hotel route, there are a lot of things that you will need to know. This post is designed to help guide you through all of the decision processes that happen during booking a hotel for your Thailand stay. Keep reading the information below to get the skinny on the deals and comfort!


Thai accommodations

One of the things that you should know is that the exchange rate works in your favor if you are American. Our dollar has a strong purchasing power over there. Some of you who may be traveling may think that you will not be able to afford a four or five star hotel. However, you should double check to see the prices, because you might be very surprised at what you see. I had a friend who paid fifteen dollars a night for a five star hotel! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for deals.


Obviously, comfort is a big factor for a lot of people. If you want the highest amenities, then you will probably want to go with a more expensive and nicer hotel.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that the heating and cooling systems are working properly at your hotel. Many hotels will list on their websites who has done their duct work. A lot of them are American contractors who might boast things like the “best service in Suffolk.” Don’t be afraid, these services are to be trusted. They provide these Thai hotels with affordable goodman coolers as well as gas or electric heating units.

Good luck booking! Check back later for more info.

Places to Visit

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If you have already planned your trip to Thailand, then congrats! We are sure that there is a bounty of fun and excitement waiting for you. If you haven’t yet finished your Thailand trip plans, then you might want to tune in to this post. We are writing today to inform you of some great places that you will definitely want to visit in this beautiful country. Even if you already have your trip plans laid out, you might still want to tune in for awesome future travel plan tips. Read on, adventurers!

Places in Thailand


This is definitely a place that you cannot afford to miss if you go to visit Thailand. This huge city is the capital of this incredible country. There is an abundance of culture that you can uncover in these streets. Make sure to spend at least four or five days here on your visit.There are simply too many things to see and do in just a couple of days!

Make sure that you get food from street vendors in this city. Here you will find incredibly rich and authentic flavors for a very low price!


Ha ha, we know it’s sort of a funny name. But behind the stupid Eurocentric humor is a breathtaking tropical getaway spot. You may have to deal with some tourist crowds, but trust us, when you get to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery, it won’t matter. You’ll be in paradise. We guarantee it one hundred and ten percent!

Thai Food!

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pad thai


Planning a trip to Thailand should definitely not be done without giving thought to the food that you will encounter there. After all, Thai cuisine is highly regarded all around the world as a gastronomic experience. As a result, you should make sure that you are mindful of what a treat you are about to enjoy!

This post has been carefully crafted to point out some dishes and flavors that you might come into contact with when you journey to Thailand. You’ll make reconnaissance with a plethora of flavors and textures (heck, maybe even emotions! We’ll leave that to you though). Keep reading to find out more about the joys of eating Thai Food.


Origins of flavors

The great thing about Thai food is that it has a rich historical and cultural background. Since Thailand is located in southeastern Asia, you will encounter some things that are very similar to other cultures in that region of the world. However, Thailand is also close to some countries that come from Indian cultures. This way, you will also experience some of the flavors that come from India, such as curries.

Tastes you’ll love

There are some dishes that you will definitely want to be on the lookout for when you are over there. For example, you should definitely try some pad thai. This is a very popular noodle dish in Thailand. When you are wandering around the streets of Bangkok, make sure to stop and one of the local street vendors to enjoy this great dish.

HVAC in Thailand

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If you have ever thought about visiting Thailand, then you should definitely be aware of the climate. After all, if you are an adventurous traveler, then you will definitely be certain that the climate can affect the quality of your stay. If you are not adequately prepared for the climate, then you might have a difficult time with just your body to adjust to the temperature and the humidity changes. However, if you are well prepared, then you may be able to take everything in stride and end up having and awesome time.

As you might already know, Thailand has a very interesting climate. It is hot. And by hot, we mean insanely hot. Any given day in Bangkok may present you with ninety three degree (Fahrenheit) heat. In addition, there is a lot of humidity in Thailand. This is because it is in the Southeast Asia region of the world. This region is known for being close to the equator as well as close to the Pacific and Indian oceans. This results in hot air that evaporates a lot of water, causing many heavy rains (think about the monsoon season). Consequently, the air is incredibly humid, often in the 80-90% region.

What can you do?


Obviously there are an incredible amount of redeeming qualities that exist in Thailand. It is still a very desirable place to visit. So, don’t lose heart. There are plenty of ways that you can prepare for your probably hot and humid experience in Thailand.

Dress light

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to be aware of what you are wearing when you visit. Some good advice is to dress as lightly as possible. This does not necessarily entail wearing just your undergarments. It just means that you should focus on wearing light and breathable fabric. This will help you allow your sweat to evaporate.

Hotels with air conditioning

Another great way to allow you body to be cool while in a tropical environment is to book a hotel with a good air conditioning system. There are some that have been serviced by American companies, such as qualified Chesapeake contractors. They do quality work installing goodman coolers as well as being knowledgeable about price points. They can answer questions such as “how much is a carrier furnace?”

Having a good hotel with great air conditioning will make your stay infinitely more pleasant.

Back in Thailand

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After almost twenty hours of flying and one layover in Germany, I have finally, and I mean finally, made it to Thailand.

For those that have never been to this glorious county let me paint picture. Think about New York City mixed in the smells of a county fair, and the forever moving and odd viewing like a zoo. This place is bananas.

I love it though. The people, cuisine, the cultures are just perfect place to come and lose yourself into their lifestyle. For years, I have been coming to Thailand and if it was not for my mother, I think I would have moved here back in the late nineties. You are able to enjoy so much. The wild and crazy nightlife in a city like banco that is always on and always popping.

Then you can drive about thirty minutes from the city and you are transformed to an oasis. Filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers, luscious grasses and greenery, and serene waterfalls.

However, this is a vacation trip but a business trip. Time to find this bike. I hope that it is as it was advertise online and referred to me by my underground hookup.

I just have to meet this person at this secret location. One of those places with a secret password and knock. I mean this bicycle world gets real, let me tell you.

About forty-five minutes I will meet up with this connect. Before I think, I will get myself something to eat. The meetup is right by one of my favorite restaurants. Yes, lunch and then business.

Off to the sky

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After all of this seating and prowling, the secret societies in the underworld of bicycling. My connect finally found the Elgin. The only thing is I have to fly to Thailand to see about it. Which I was really hoping to avoid. Not because I do not like Thailand, that is so far from the truth. However, I just wanted to stay home a little longer than a few days.

Which is weird I know. So many people would love to be able to travel as much as I do. For real though I love it too, however, sometimes I like to stay home, eat a home cooked meal and visit with my family.

Alas, the skies are calling me once again. Like before, I cannot deny its siren calls. That means I have to do my quick packed, checking out the flights that will get me there and back as quickly as possible.

I am so praying that this will be a quick there and back type of trip. I have seen pictures of the bike and it looks exactly like the one my client is looking for. Not to mention that it is in great shape, every hint is original. Not to mention it still has its original paint! Which is unheard of, so many times through wear and tear the paints flakes off and becomes a thing of a past.

I fly out tonight, fingers crossed and wish me luck.

A Couple Tips

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After some hemming and hawing, I figured out what I wanted with my furnace. It is fixed and now it is so warm outside I would have to be out of my rabbit-loving mind to turn it on. Thankfully, it is running like a dream. Not to mention I had my air conditioning unit serviced while they were installing a new furnace. This summer I should be as cool as a cucumber!

Now I can return to sharing my great advice with you the masses. In addition, hopefully you will be able to benefit from what I know and what I share.

After some consideration and thinking about the comments and questions that I have been sent I will dedicate this article to a few basic things that will surely benefit.

Use Multiple Sources

When trying to find an elusive bike do not, I repeat, do not just rely on a single glowing report. Remember people can make up their own reviews. These people want your money do not be hasty in giving it to them. Triple or even quadruple check.

Able to Provide Necessities

If the company, service, or person will not provide a little corning services. Some type of credentials or authenticity to what they claim to be the specific bike. Not to mention proof of ownership.

Payment Type

Although I understand that much time, I deal with cash transaction, when it comes to a new place that I buy from I like to be able to use something that I can trace. Like a credit card or something. Better safe than sorry.

Just a little hiccup in my life

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Just as I think that, I am on to a more positive start in life. That now is the time for my luck to change and all of the world’s good fortune to come my way the most unbelievable thing happen today.

There I was doing some research trying to figure out how to get the Elgin bike without going way and above the budget, my client is looking to keep. Then what should I say to you, my readers, about my progress or lack thereof as it may be.

However, this one tidbit was alluding me. I just could not for the life of me explain it without using all of this bicycle jargon and stretching what really happen. Which I refuse to use unnecessarily. I hate people who do that amongst those that are not their peers. It is so pompous and off putting.

I started this search this morning. I do not know about your home but it was freezing in my house this morning. Even though I had sweatpants, a hoodie, long sleeve tee, and fur lined slippers. Ugh.

After checking out my thermostat it seems as though I maybe have some real problems with my furnace, boiler, or whatever is in the basement. There has to be a way for myself to figure it out right?

I am a smart dude.

This morning started out as a researching day and quickly turned into how to do troubleshooting of a janky furnace or boiler, whatever. After an hour with no real luck, I decided that it was time to call in the big boys.

A reputable, cooling and heating company with licensed and insured service techs. That will come out and give it a looksee. I hope that it will not be that hard to fix. Nor will it cost me an arm and a leg to do so Herse is fingers crossed.

After finding this great company. I talked to one of their technicians. After expressing what I was going through, the age of my heating system, and the time of my last furnace tune up. That led me to ask if  should I replace my fan, filter or cover. The tech person inferred that more likely than not I will need a new furnace or boiler.

A little research I was ready for whatever may happen.

Except one thing, if my heating must be replaced should I go with gas or electric?

A Secret World

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Yes, even after that whole fiasco with my heating and cooling system I am still on the look for this particular Elgin bike. Although I do have a few leads, the most promising being this bike shop in Thailand.

Which although I love Thailand, the people, culture, and of course, the food, I really hope that I do not have to travel to get this bike. Although it has been seven months since my last trip, I do not really know if I have the time to go there. However, if that what it takes that is what it takes.

Before I do any of that, I need to check out my sources here in the United States. There is a bike shop that hardly anyone knows about, it is like the CIA of the bike world. Only those that are really aware and heavy in the biking world knows about it. Even then, you are not privy to who actual owns and runs it, where it is located, or any of the faces of the people that work for the company.

Take me for instance. I have utilized this biking institution a total of two times. Each time I was looking for a rare bike, one of them was a rare freeing bike. Unable to find any leads about an existing one that is up for sale, a friend of a friend gave me this business card. Told me if I cannot find it to call the number on the card.

To be continued…

Nothing Like Family

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All day today, I have been doing the exact same thing. Nothing and I do mean nothing, been done today, I am afraid that I am quite behind schedule. In addition, I may have to enlist the help of my cousin Demetrius for his help in catching up with my other client’s request. I pray that I do not fall too far behind.

I do not mind having Demetrius around, he relays knows his stuff. I mean the man has own shop a couple towns over. Every occasionally I send him work that I just do not have time for and he does the same. Not to mention the time we spend volunteering at each other’s shops. Our mothers are overjoyed that we operate within the same industry, both small and relatively successful business owners.

Yes, indeed, I rang him up and he made it over to my shop in less than twenty minutes or so.

As I spent my day searching for this mysterious and elusive bike, my cousin was shooting his mouth and creating a wonderful summer’s sunset with a bit of an abstract flair on the fender on a seventy six Schwinn stingray.

Thank God, for him. I do not know how I would make it trying to find this Elgin and run a business. Otherwise, I would have to turn this search and found down and it means so much too so many people.

Lucky for me that is not an issue.