Since I was a young boy, I have loved bikes and bike related stuff.  As was mention in my post the love have been developed since I was a young boy.

I still remember my first bike, a BMX bandit.  Just like in the movie BMX Riders.  Those people were so awesome, the tricks, flips, and jumps.  It inspired me to become a much better biker and throw myself into it.  Not to mention my father, mother, and uncles are part of a biker gang started by my great great grandfather Lloyd Scott. After he finished his two tours after the war.

Just something, that kept him and his cronies out of their wives hair. As well, give them something to bond over and enjoy. Some of their wives have also purchased motorcycles and have enlisted into the gang.

I say gang but really its nothing but a family. We would go on picnics, amusements parks, and other family oriented trips and enjoyments. Those people really became my extended family they have supported and loved me throughout my entire life. After I graduated from college, my parents sent me to Thailand as graduation present. “Uncle” David is a pilot; it was his frequent fliers miles and pull with the airline that allowed me to fly across the world free.

All they had to pay for was my accommodation and a bit of spending money.

This all led to my love and attachment to bikes.