If you have ever thought about visiting Thailand, then you should definitely be aware of the climate. After all, if you are an adventurous traveler, then you will definitely be certain that the climate can affect the quality of your stay. If you are not adequately prepared for the climate, then you might have a difficult time with just your body to adjust to the temperature and the humidity changes. However, if you are well prepared, then you may be able to take everything in stride and end up having and awesome time.

As you might already know, Thailand has a very interesting climate. It is hot. And by hot, we mean insanely hot. Any given day in Bangkok may present you with ninety three degree (Fahrenheit) heat. In addition, there is a lot of humidity in Thailand. This is because it is in the Southeast Asia region of the world. This region is known for being close to the equator as well as close to the Pacific and Indian oceans. This results in hot air that evaporates a lot of water, causing many heavy rains (think about the monsoon season). Consequently, the air is incredibly humid, often in the 80-90% region.

What can you do?


Obviously there are an incredible amount of redeeming qualities that exist in Thailand. It is still a very desirable place to visit. So, don’t lose heart. There are plenty of ways that you can prepare for your probably hot and humid experience in Thailand.

Dress light

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to be aware of what you are wearing when you visit. Some good advice is to dress as lightly as possible. This does not necessarily entail wearing just your undergarments. It just means that you should focus on wearing light and breathable fabric. This will help you allow your sweat to evaporate.

Hotels with air conditioning

Another great way to allow you body to be cool while in a tropical environment is to book a hotel with a good air conditioning system. There are some that have been serviced by American companies, such as qualified Chesapeake contractors. They do quality work installing goodman coolers¬†as well as being knowledgeable about price points. They can answer questions such as “how much is a carrier furnace?”

Having a good hotel with great air conditioning will make your stay infinitely more pleasant.