After almost twenty hours of flying and one layover in Germany, I have finally, and I mean finally, made it to Thailand.

For those that have never been to this glorious county let me paint picture. Think about New York City mixed in the smells of a county fair, and the forever moving and odd viewing like a zoo. This place is bananas.

I love it though. The people, cuisine, the cultures are just perfect place to come and lose yourself into their lifestyle. For years, I have been coming to Thailand and if it was not for my mother, I think I would have moved here back in the late nineties. You are able to enjoy so much. The wild and crazy nightlife in a city like banco that is always on and always popping.

Then you can drive about thirty minutes from the city and you are transformed to an oasis. Filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers, luscious grasses and greenery, and serene waterfalls.

However, this is a vacation trip but a business trip. Time to find this bike. I hope that it is as it was advertise online and referred to me by my underground hookup.

I just have to meet this person at this secret location. One of those places with a secret password and knock. I mean this bicycle world gets real, let me tell you.

About forty-five minutes I will meet up with this connect. Before I think, I will get myself something to eat. The meetup is right by one of my favorite restaurants. Yes, lunch and then business.