After all of this seating and prowling, the secret societies in the underworld of bicycling. My connect finally found the Elgin. The only thing is I have to fly to Thailand to see about it. Which I was really hoping to avoid. Not because I do not like Thailand, that is so far from the truth. However, I just wanted to stay home a little longer than a few days.

Which is weird I know. So many people would love to be able to travel as much as I do. For real though I love it too, however, sometimes I like to stay home, eat a home cooked meal and visit with my family.

Alas, the skies are calling me once again. Like before, I cannot deny its siren calls. That means I have to do my quick packed, checking out the flights that will get me there and back as quickly as possible.

I am so praying that this will be a quick there and back type of trip. I have seen pictures of the bike and it looks exactly like the one my client is looking for. Not to mention that it is in great shape, every hint is original. Not to mention it still has its original paint! Which is unheard of, so many times through wear and tear the paints flakes off and becomes a thing of a past.

I fly out tonight, fingers crossed and wish me luck.