Just as I think that, I am on to a more positive start in life. That now is the time for my luck to change and all of the world’s good fortune to come my way the most unbelievable thing happen today.

There I was doing some research trying to figure out how to get the Elgin bike without going way and above the budget, my client is looking to keep. Then what should I say to you, my readers, about my progress or lack thereof as it may be.

However, this one tidbit was alluding me. I just could not for the life of me explain it without using all of this bicycle jargon and stretching what really happen. Which I refuse to use unnecessarily. I hate people who do that amongst those that are not their peers. It is so pompous and off putting.

I started this search this morning. I do not know about your home but it was freezing in my house this morning. Even though I had sweatpants, a hoodie, long sleeve tee, and fur lined slippers. Ugh.

After checking out my thermostat it seems as though I maybe have some real problems with my furnace, boiler, or whatever is in the basement. There has to be a way for myself to figure it out right?

I am a smart dude.

This morning started out as a researching day and quickly turned into how to do troubleshooting of a janky furnace or boiler, whatever. After an hour with no real luck, I decided that it was time to call in the big boys.

A reputable, cooling and heating company with licensed and insured service techs. That will come out and give it a looksee. I hope that it will not be that hard to fix. Nor will it cost me an arm and a leg to do so Herse is fingers crossed.

After finding this great company. I talked to one of their technicians. After expressing what I was going through, the age of my heating system, and the time of my last furnace tune up. That led me to ask if  should I replace my fan, filter or cover. The tech person inferred that more likely than not I will need a new furnace or boiler.

A little research I was ready for whatever may happen.

Except one thing, if my heating must be replaced should I go with gas or electric?