After some hemming and hawing, I figured out what I wanted with my furnace. It is fixed and now it is so warm outside I would have to be out of my rabbit-loving mind to turn it on. Thankfully, it is running like a dream. Not to mention I had my air conditioning unit serviced while they were installing a new furnace. This summer I should be as cool as a cucumber!

Now I can return to sharing my great advice with you the masses. In addition, hopefully you will be able to benefit from what I know and what I share.

After some consideration and thinking about the comments and questions that I have been sent I will dedicate this article to a few basic things that will surely benefit.

Use Multiple Sources

When trying to find an elusive bike do not, I repeat, do not just rely on a single glowing report. Remember people can make up their own reviews. These people want your money do not be hasty in giving it to them. Triple or even quadruple check.

Able to Provide Necessities

If the company, service, or person will not provide a little corning services. Some type of credentials or authenticity to what they claim to be the specific bike. Not to mention proof of ownership.

Payment Type

Although I understand that much time, I deal with cash transaction, when it comes to a new place that I buy from I like to be able to use something that I can trace. Like a credit card or something. Better safe than sorry.