Yes, even after that whole fiasco with my heating and cooling system I am still on the look for this particular Elgin bike. Although I do have a few leads, the most promising being this bike shop in Thailand.

Which although I love Thailand, the people, culture, and of course, the food, I really hope that I do not have to travel to get this bike. Although it has been seven months since my last trip, I do not really know if I have the time to go there. However, if that what it takes that is what it takes.

Before I do any of that, I need to check out my sources here in the United States. There is a bike shop that hardly anyone knows about, it is like the CIA of the bike world. Only those that are really aware and heavy in the biking world knows about it. Even then, you are not privy to who actual owns and runs it, where it is located, or any of the faces of the people that work for the company.

Take me for instance. I have utilized this biking institution a total of two times. Each time I was looking for a rare bike, one of them was a rare freeing bike. Unable to find any leads about an existing one that is up for sale, a friend of a friend gave me this business card. Told me if I cannot find it to call the number on the card.

To be continued…