All day today, I have been doing the exact same thing. Nothing and I do mean nothing, been done today, I am afraid that I am quite behind schedule. In addition, I may have to enlist the help of my cousin Demetrius for his help in catching up with my other client’s request. I pray that I do not fall too far behind.

I do not mind having Demetrius around, he relays knows his stuff. I mean the man has own shop a couple towns over. Every occasionally I send him work that I just do not have time for and he does the same. Not to mention the time we spend volunteering at each other’s shops. Our mothers are overjoyed that we operate within the same industry, both small and relatively successful business owners.

Yes, indeed, I rang him up and he made it over to my shop in less than twenty minutes or so.

As I spent my day searching for this mysterious and elusive bike, my cousin was shooting his mouth and creating a wonderful summer’s sunset with a bit of an abstract flair on the fender on a seventy six Schwinn stingray.

Thank God, for him. I do not know how I would make it trying to find this Elgin and run a business. Otherwise, I would have to turn this search and found down and it means so much too so many people.

Lucky for me that is not an issue.