Now I am on a hunt. If I stay the course, I know that I will be able to find this bike for my client.

One of my customers came in with this morning. He had this old photo of this gorgeous Elgin bicycle, a nineteen twenty eight to be exact. He said that his kid brother had the very same bike. When they were young. Now that it is twenty years after his death. He had died from a stray bullet while on the job.

Apparently, his brother was a highly decorated officer on the police force.   Now as a tribute to all of his hard work and dedication, the city where they grew up wants to honor him, with a decorated and refurbished bike that he loved. Their city is a really bike town, hardly anyone has a car. Just pedal and footpace is what will get you around.

My client has asked me to search high and low for the exact same bike. I have a few leads on a few bikes that may be it. However, I know it will take me awhile. However, I am determine. I have a three-month window to find and buy this rare, vintage, and intact bicycle.

Its going to take a few hopefully wishes, deep prayers, and awash of good luck. This is going to be fun; I have always been a fan of a scavenger hunt. This is the ultimate. If I find this, I will become well off. Let us not forget the great payoff I get if I find it just as he wants.