After I finally found the long lost bike that, I have been coveting since I was a young lad, drooling over it as my neighbor, Dirty Phillip Sanchez.

In my head, I always called him dirty Phillip because he was always dirty and stinky. I do not know what was up with this kid but even as a young boy, he was one stinky kid. Dude just had a natural funk, I guess.

However now I am a grown man that can buy and sell any type of bike I want, well almost any type of bike. There are a few out there that are a little out of my price range, at least that I feel comfortable in buying.

In reality, I love old bikes anyway. I do not know what it is about those big old clunky things. Full metal, fenders, double wide, spring-loaded seats. Good for whatever ails you, back problems, knee problems, or whatever. They are the bee’s knees.

I cannot believe I just said that!

Now I have my eye on a nineteen sixty-seven Schwinn Stingray Rams Horn Fast back. This thing is a beauty.   Beautiful shiny chrome, terrific and impeccable original paint, complete with a throwback banana seat!

My sister had this very same bike as a kid. Unlike the one I am looking at on this online auction, she was in horrible condition. Covered in strawberry shortcake and my little pony stickers.

I hope that I will be able to win this auction and only have to come out six hundred dollars.

Fingers cross.