I just found my favorite bike of all time.

As a kid, my neighbor just had this exact same bike. I wanted one so bad. That I begged and begged my parent for one. However, they refused. Stating that my grades and attitude has been horrible this school year. That they did not feel like I deserved it.

Therefore, I tried starting up a business. Selling one of a kind and customer paper airplanes door to door in my neighborhood. I made a whopping five dollars and seventy-five chests. Not nearly, enough to purchase a hundred and thirty five dollar bike that I wanted. However, I just had to have it so I tried everything I could think.

Realizing the selling paper airplanes would not do, I had a Kool aid stand, and then I bet the kids of the neighborhood that I could spit farther than them, not to mention collecting and returning pop cans that I found on the side of the road or in trashcans.

Even as a little kid, I knew that that I would be old as dirt before I could afford such a bicycle on my own. Which brought me back to begging.

In addition, boy did I beg. Morning, afternoon, and night.   I wrote letters, sang songs, danced, then when all else failed I got down on my hands and knees. Promising all sort of outrageous things.

Still my parents refused to buy it for me.