Now I have a wonderful bike shop that buys, sells, and alteration to bikes. We specialize in custom bikes and paint. You should see some of the work that I do. Not wanting to toot my own horn but “toot, toot!”

Just last week I worked on a classic. A nineteen sixty-seven Schwinn 3 speed, Time Traveler. I was able to recreate and upholstery the seat. With a little research and digging around, I was able to glean all of the original parts. That beautiful were rebuilt from the sockets to gears. Everything has been cleaned, greased, and oiled.

Now it rides better than it has ever had before. The customer was ecstatic. Not to mention that I was able to do a customized paint job. Taking in the personality of the customers and her favorite colors. That old rust bucket has been transformed into a chrome, mauve, and gold blur.

So frigging beautiful!

Whenever I get an old bike, it is as I turned back into a little boy. They make me so excited and overjoyed. The curves, swoops of the lines, creativity that was put into the creations of those old bikes.

My theory is that they were used for many people as their main means of transportation so the made it to look great and work even better. Able to withstand wooden and brick roads, raggedy sidewalks, and long miles,

I cannot wait until I the next one comes through the door.